This year, it seems as though I’ll be ringing in the New Year in an entirely different fashion than I am accustom to. You see, last night I spent about an hour sitting on the bathroom floor trying not to throw up, and another hour actually throwing up. Today, my head’s pounding and my stomach is churning, and I’m thinking the last thing I should do tonight is get embarrassingly drunk and dance like an idiot like I have years past. Instead, it looks like I’ll be ringing in the New Year from the comfort of my couch curled up with my cat. So, maybe the change in New Year’s Eve festivities symbolizes a new change for me in the year to come? That would be a nice thought, but in order for some change to actually happen in my life, I’ll probably have to actually seek it out, which, of course, brings me to my New Year’s Resolutions:

+ drink more water and less soda

+ the cliché “workout more” resolution, which I am going to simplify to try to work out at least twice a week (which is more than not at all)

+ answer my phone when it rings, go places I am invited, and be less anti-social in general

+ job search with vigor

+ eat healthier/take vitamins/do something so my immune system isn’t so crappy and I don’t get sick all the time

+ look into website design classes/books and actively try to better my chances at a potential career, instead of just talking about it.

+ sign up for a photography class at metro or rockbrook camera just for the fun of it