Happy Black Friday everybody! Did you go shopping today? I did, but only for a little while. I dragged my friend Adam along to Target and Walmart this morning (5am), to buy myself a nice flat screen TV. I’ve wanted one forever, but they always seemed so expensive. This one was too, but it was also $150 off. Anyway, after my very early morning of shopping hell, I felt like doing nothing but sitting around all day. I spent most the afternoon watching Glee: Season 1 Volume 1 The Road to Sectionals (a.k.a. the best of Glee), and editing some more San Fran photos. I’m seriously missing that city right now. Here are my favorites from todays batch:


Cable Car Turnaround


Our crab lunch at the No. 9 Fisherman’s Grotto


Collage of photos from an early morning walk through the Nob Hill neighborhood.