I just got back from San Francisco yesterday. It seems as though, all I have been posting about lately is traveling to different cities. I love to travel. Every time I get back I wonder why, out of all of the amazing places in the United States I could have been born, was I born in Nebraska? It’s not that I don’t like that I was born here, I cherish my childhood and family here. It was really a wonderful and wholesome place to grow up, but I cannot help but feel like I also missed out on so much culture that comes with living in a city.

San Francisco was one of the top three cities in the US that I wanted to visit. I never thought that my mom and I could ever convince my father to go there for vacation, but somehow we did, and I get to cross one more amazing city off of my list of places I want to see. So, I thought I would make a new list of the top cities that I have not been to but hope to visit someday. Here we go:

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9. Portland, Maine

8. Savannah, Georgia

7. Nashville, Tennessee

6. Austin, Texas

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Baltimore, Maryland

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. Boston, Massachusetts

1. New York, New York