This weekend my friend Adam and I took a quick road trip to Madison, Wisconsin. It all started last year when my friend Lydia and I texted each other while enjoying the musical stylings of Brandi Carlile. This got us thinking, and we made a plan to go see Brandi together if she should ever come to one of our cities again. Well, as it turns out, Brandi was coming to both our cities, so we picked one, hers, because I needed a break from mine. I decided I didn’t want to make the trip alone, so I dragged my best friend Adam along.

Seriously, I would change nothing about this trip. Everything about it was so much fun. Adam and I had a great time driving the seven hours to Madison, and when we got there we had a fantastic time catching up with Lydia. The next day was spent with Lyd playing tour guide before we went to see Brandi play a fantastic show at the Barrymore theater just blocks away from Lyd’s apartment. We got up early the next day to grab breakfast at this adorable local cafe and then we went to the lake where we fed ducks and said our goodbyes. Adam and I got a little bit lost on the way home, but all worked out and we got to drive by Fank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin home.

Madison is seriously amazing. I absolutely loved the city, it’s like a little baby Portland smack dab in the middle of the midwest. I’m going to start looking for jobs there right away!

Madison, Wisconsin

Magic show on State Street

Brandi Carlile at the Barrymore Theater