Last night my roommate and I went to see Brandi Carlile at The Slowdown. I have seen Brandi one time before, a little over a year ago when she was in Council Bluffs. I thought that show was amazing, but I think last night’s totes topped it. I love Brandi’s music, but her CD’s do not even compare to seeing her live. She is all kinds of adorable and tells fun stories about meeting Elton John and her childhood love for old, classic country music. Then, she played a song she wrote as a classic country music parody and laughed about how when she played it for her mom and expected her to laugh at it with her, her mom gasped and said, “honey, I think that’s your hit!”

Of course, at every concert there is always someone there trying their hardest to ruin it for you. When Brandi came out and started singing, it just didn’t sound right. Well that’s because the girl standing right behind us thought she was as amazing as Brandi and was screaming along to every song. Stacey looked back at her and shook her head, and she just sang all tone-deaf even louder. Eventually I was able to sort of tune her out, however, you will probs be able to hear her in the videos I post.

Did I mention that she stayed late and signed autographs, and we got a picture together?!

Brandi Carlile at The Slowdown in Omaha on January 19th.

Then Brandi played this…

“I’ve Just Seen a Face” Beatles cover that I have seen her play on youtube, and have been searching for an mp3 of for about a year and a half now. I love this song!

Also, “Dying Day”